Cleaning the fabric


Keeping the net clean ensures durability and effectiveness of the filtering between the inside and the outside.

Each manufacturer of mosquito nets inside the product will leave the use and maintenance booklet with practical advice for the operation of the general product. The following are simple attentions to the fabric.

The roller insect screen needs periodic cleaning from dust, insects, flower pollen and more. Having a special treatment, the SUNOX net is considered an antibacterial net with properties that make cleaning operations easier.

To wash a roller insect screen if it is not possible to disassemble the product, you can proceed with different systems; with a vacuum cleaner and a solution of water and detergent or with a steam cleaner.

Remember not to use boiling water, but hot. Too high a temperature could damage the appearance and characteristics of the fabric.

- with the aid of a vacuum cleaner, vacuum the fabric from top to bottom, removing as much dirt and duvets

- immerse a sponge in the solution. We recommend for 3 liters of water, 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap (possibly neutral) and a glass of vinegar which will perform the antibacterial function.

- repeatedly pass the sponge on the net, leaving it to act for a correct time according to the dirt

- if possible, spray air in order to remove excess and residues

-Dry with a clean cloth

- the operation would have to be performed at least twice a year. If necessary for logistical reasons, repeat the operation more frequently

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